Today’s forecast: cloudy but warm

13th Monday, 2011  |  News & Events  |  no comments   |  by Geert Hauwaerts

Many partners and resellers have asked us to create a publicly available blog to advertise new features, changes in our public API and to give more technical insight on the backend of our amazing infrastructure services.

This blog will be a cooperative with contributions from all Cloud Technologies staff members as well as posts from our colleagues at the CloudPlaza and CloudFactory divisions.

Any subject ranging from technical details to weather forecasts will be covered and occasionally understanding what other people mean under the term cloud computing.

"I am incredibly excited about this blog, our partners and distribution channels have been asking for this for the past 2 years. Keeping our partners informed about technical and backend infrastructure is central to our long-term strategy."

Geert Hauwaerts, Director of Cloud Technologies

If there are any specific topics or information you would like to see covered, please let us know through our partner relations and distribution channels.

Oh! Don’t forget to add our RSS feeds to your favorite client to receive all updates in a timely manner.

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